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*Listed in order by Engine Serial #.

Note: Letting your mouse sit over top the pictures will give a short description of them. Click on them for a larger version.

RMC Flame Engines #1, 2, & 3       RMC Flame Engine #13       RMC Air Engine #31 
The first of the RMC`s, Flame Engines #1, 2, & 3.                                             Engine #31 was the first of the Self-Acting Valve Air Engines.           

 Air Engines # 33, 34, 35, & 36
They multiplied...More Air Engines.

          Air Engine #39                             RMC Air Engine #48                   Air Engine # 51
       A fine Air Engine by Steve Lilly. Nice Colors!                        An (original looking) Air Engine Machined by Don Irvin.                  A very green Air Engine by Charles Harms.

        Flame Engine #57
      Must be a popular color! A Flame Engine by Lloyd Willhite.

   A twin cam, double overhead rocker engine.     Engine #91 is a self-designed engine by Birk Petersen. He calls it his two stroke, uni-flow with cushioned poppit valves & roller cams. He also said it runs great on just a couple pounds of air!       


 An Air Engine....possibly made around X-mas?RMC Air Engine #88

 An extremely nice example of a Flame Engine. RMC #102, An Extremely Nice example of a Flame Engine from our Friends over seas.

A free-lance 4-cycle hit & miss engine. RMC #107, A self designed 4-cycle, hit & miss engine by Dave Walker....Nice!