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Links to anywhere from engine sites to friends homepages.

Engine Stuff:
Rowlands` Engine Links Links to our engine websites.
Sad Iron Homepage Some of the finest iron from our friends up north.
Harry`s Old Engines Easily the most viewed and searched on site for old engines.
Chaser`s Garage Some good engines, pics & show reports

Other Stuff:
E-bay (hit & miss engine) (Just saving you the work of typing it in E-bay yourself.)
Youtube videos Videos, clips & movies on everything; try not to get too sidetracked.
Lymer`s Band Homepage: An upcoming band with a lot of talent.
www.20megsfree.com Easy to make, (free) webpages.
Cabin Fever Model Engineering Exposition A model engineering show in January in PA.
N.A.M.E.S. A model engineering show in April in MI
Model Engineering Websites List of model engine (& related) sites.
Glue-it.com All kinds of model related topics & information.
Scale Model Net Lots of model links & information.