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June 2001, These are pictures from one of the first start ups of the RMC flame engine #1.
(under its own power)

It only took 6 days to machine, but it took another month to figure out how to get it to run. The problems solved; Now it runs nicely around 500 to 1000 rpm & can be slowed down to almost nothing. It`s not the most efficient running thing (on fuel), but it`s runs steady & sounds good.
(June 2001)

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Why the castings look so bad...

The first castings were poured at a smaller foundry. They didn’t have the best detail AND all these castings (except the cylinder!), where so hard that only carbide tools could be used for machining.
(3 hours to tap one hole & ten ruined taps??)

After this first experience, a friend has been pouring castings that are the total opposite. The castings are smooth & detailed, and the phrase goes
"Machines like Butter."

Backside of RMC engine #1 showing the pushrod linkage and gas line connection.

Extra Parts??

Actually there’s some more of these being poured. (November 2001)

E-mail: rowland@willard-oh.com

Above: RMC`s engine #1, 2 & 3.
(Notice the difference in castings from #1 to #2 & 3.)
All castings are cast iron.
(March 2002)