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Limited Production Run of 10 RMC "Self-Acting Valve" Air Engines for sale.

There is a limited edition run of 10 finished RMC "Self-Acting Valve" Air engines that have been made available. Each engine has a nameplate with stamped serial # & has been fully tested & run. Engines come with start-up & running instructions.

Note: Engines come in unpainted, unmounted form, with belt pulley & brass cylinder lubricator as shown in pics.

Above: One of Ten available RMC Air Engines.
(Engines run either on compressed air or steam at around 1/2 to 25 psi of pressure.)

*Finished engine weight = Approximately 10lbs.
*Flywheel Diameter = 5-1/2".
*Bore & Stroke = 7/8 x 11/16".

Note: All engines are made of high quality Cast-Iron, Steel & Brass/Bronze.
  If Interested, please email for price.

Click Here to see a Running Air Engine.
(shown pulling a large generator)

Above: Four of ten available RMC Air Engines.