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    The purpose of this kit is to supply simple, "old-styled" engine castings that can be easily machined into many different engines & layouts. Complete plans are available for the RMC Flame engine & the RMC Air engine, with more to come.  Other plans may be obtained for anyone wishing to make their own "free-lace" engine. These provide examples of linkages, valving setups, cams, gearing & more which can be used on the castings.

    Send an e-mail for any questions (bottom of page) & make sure to check out the Kit Information & photo pages on the left.

-NOTE: Both lathe & mill work are required to make this engine.

Above is the RMC Atmospheric Flame Engine,
just one of the many engines the castings can be made into.
All castings are in quality iron.

(Click on the picture above to see how the engine works.)

Click Here to see a video of the start-up of a RMC Flame Engine.

Click Here to see a video of the running of a RMC Flame Engine.

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